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Endless Ways To Play

Children possess an incredible and almost mystical ability: their imagination. Their minds are like sponges, constantly learning, exploring, discovering, and creating. Open-ended resources are powerful tools that engage a child's imagination, enhance their social and emotional intelligence, and promote independent play from an early age. That's exactly what the cloths are designed to do. What will your child do with a cloth? Will they lay on it? Wear it? Drape it over furniture to build a cosy fort? Wrap their favourite toy in it? It's a beautiful thing to behold, watching as children's creativity and imagination are set free. With the cloths, there are no rules, no limits, and no expectations - just endless possibilities for your child to explore and discover on their own terms.
Open-ended resources engage your child’s imagination, enhance their social and emotional intelligence and can foster independent play from an early age and the cloths have been designed to do just that.
What will they lay on it? Will they wear it? Drape it over furniture to build a den? Wrap a doll in it?
Sit back and watch in wonder. There are no rules.

Wear it as a cape

Add your favourite figures for small world play

Use it for themed and bookish play

Hide treasures under it

Make a den

Practice tying knots

Have a bath with it

Tie it to a stick and use it as a flag

Take it on your travels

Hide under it

Cover up your playframe

Use it as a picnic blanket

Add some Lego

Learn with it

Wrap a present with it, it's the art of furoshiki

Use it as backdrop

Discuss what you see

Throw it in the air

Hang it on the wall as a piece of art

Cover up your tuff tray with it

Dance with it